Introduction to E Cigarettes: Smoking Without Fire, Is it Possible?

The popularity of electronic cigarettes, also known as e cigarettes started to increase. While many people have started to see its benefits, the number of smokers who are trying to quit and are using this device to help them stop the bad habit continuously increases in number as well. According to recent studies, e-cig users who use e-liquid online store used to be heavy smokers, but chose to quit the bad habit and resorted to this healthier form of alternative.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

E cigarettes provide smokers the sensation of smoking a real stick of cigar without the negative effects included. Basically, it is being able to smoke without the existence of fire, nicotine and all the other harmful chemicals that a single stick of cigarette or tobacco may have. Apparently, it has been proven to be an effective device to help smokers quit the bad habit – and over the years, the number of individuals resorting to this device has been said to rapidly grow.

What are the common problems that smokers experience when trying to quit smoking? First and foremost, they may experience withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine is an addictive content – no matter how hard you try to stop the bad habit, your body is already addicted to nicotine. One way or another, you’ll find yourself lighting up another stick of cigar or tobacco, no matter how hard you fight it.

Additionally, some smokers who make use of nicotine gums and patches to reduce the effects of withdrawal symptoms may also miss the act of lighting and puffing a cigar. In turn, if the person has very little or no discipline, that smoker will just continue smoking and quitting may sound like one of the most impossible things to do!

These are the common problems that a typical smoker may experience. With the help of electronic cigarettes, these issues can be easily resolved. There is no need to worry about withdrawal symptoms. There are some cartridges that may come with reduced nicotine content. This means that as you smoke without fire, your body is still getting the nicotine that it is looking for, and you can gradually reduce your nicotine intake from there.

In time, you’ll notice that you can start living a day without having to think about smoking, or without nicotine intake! As soon as your body is used to the reduced nicotine content, you may then purchase e-juices or cartridges that contain 0% nicotine. Of course, it doesn’t stop you from the sensation of smoking a real cigar – this is probably one of the reasons why electronic cigarettes are more popular and effective as compared to other quit smoking devices and products.

An Electronic Cigarette Isn’t Just a Quit Smoking Device!

Are you now convinced to try e-cig as your alternative? Before you even get more excited, the benefits do not just stop there. Aside from helping people stop the bad and dangerous habit, it contains emits vapor, as opposed to a cigar which emits carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide harms the environment, as well as 2nd hand smokers.

It doesn’t contain all the harmful chemicals a typical cigarette stick would have, making it safer even for non-smokers. This is also one reason why e-cigs are allowed to be used even in places where smoking is typically banned.

In general, electronic cigarettes are considered to be the healthier and cheaper way to smoke, even without real fire! The good thing about it is that the market becomes more aware of its existence, and finding your first set of e-cig will be made absolutely easier for you.